Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions by our guests.

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To confirm your reservation we normally require a 50% deposit of the total value of your stay which may be paid in any of the following ways:

1. PayPal - A/c Name: - Rennie Anthea Jackson Hospedagem ME

2. Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, elo)

If you wish to pay your deposit by credit card, please forward the following details:

      • Type of card
      • Name of cardholder as shown on card
      • Number of card
      • Date of Expiry
      • Security code

3. Cash Payment

However, if you prefer to pay in cash, this may be more convenient and you will benefit from the 5% discount offered. Just send the full details of your credit card, as listed above, to confirm your booking. Nothing will be charged to your card before your arrival, and there is no need to pay a deposit. When we have received your deposit, or your credit card details, we will confirm your reservation. The balance may be paid with:

    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • Amex
    • Diners CLub Internationa
    • elo.

Yes, we do. All of the prices shown in our website are for payments made with credit or debit cards. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club International and elo. However, for guests who prefer to pay in cash upon arrival, we are pleased to offer a 5% discount to these rates. When making your reservation, please indicate how you would like to pay for your stay.


  • 5% discount for payment in cash.
  • 15% discount for a single person staying in a double room,
  • Babies (up to two years of age) may stay free of charge.
  • We can provide a baby's cot for reservations for the chalets,
  • We do not charge a premium rate for weekends,
  • We do not charge a service charge.

The first thing is to offer you both hearty Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. 
You must be very excited and happy, but busy with so many things to plan. 
Without doubt, Aratinga is the perfect place on Ilha Grande to spend your Honeymoon! I hope we can make a part of your Honeymoon planning easy and stress free. The Honeymoon Package may be added to your stay for just R$ 350. It includes:

  • A full day excursion by schooner to the famous and spectacular surf beach of "Lopes Mendes", with an easy 20 minute forest walk from Pouso Beach to Lopes Mendes, where you will see little monkeys in the trees. Imagine three kilometres of pristine, silver sand and great waves - take my body boards for an unforgettable day on Ilha Grande!
  • A complimentary gift presentation of a bottle of champagne with two glasses;
  • Flowers and romantic touches in your room.
  • A selection of savory nibbles, olives and deli items,
  • A gift box of chocolates.

Aratinga is home to many small native animals such as squirrels, little monkeys, butterflies, lizards and colourful parrots. We are proud to share their natural environment.

Aratinga is also home to two pussy cats, our mascot Luci-Lu and little Lynx. I had a chat with them to ask whether they would let small dogs come and stay. Unfortunately, the answer was 'No'! Lynx says she is very frightened of dogs, even if they are little and loving. So, I'm afraid I have to obey their wishes and inform you that we cannot accept small dogs or other pets.

For those traveling with small babies (up to 2 years old), we have a baby's cot which we can put in the chalets. Babies may stay free of charge.

All of the rooms at Aratinga are for just two people. We don't have any triple or quadruple rooms and we cannot put extra beds in the rooms. This means children must be old enough to stay in a room by themselves. Our twin room "Bougainvillea" and the double room "Begonia" are side-by-side on the garden level. This may be an ideal option for a family wanting adjoining rooms.

All of the rooms at Aratinga are for just two people. We don't have any triple or quadruple rooms and we cannot put extra beds in the rooms.

Aratinga offers a delicious, healthy and sustaining breakfast with a variety of hot dishes served each day. In the afternoon you will come home to a delicious English style afternoon tea with fresh natural fruit juices, freshly brewed coffee and a wide variety of herbal and fruit teas, homemade cakes, mousses, puddings and biscuits.

We don't offer Lunch, because in our experience, we know that you will be far away from the village of Abraao during the day! There so many wonderful places to visit, like: Lopes Mendes surf beach, Black Beach, Julia Beach, or maybe you will take a full day boat tour to snorkel in the Blue and Green Lagoons. There are also wonderful hikes to the Witches' Waterfall, to the township of Dois Rios on the other side of the Island or to the Bay of Heaven. However, if you are in the village of Abraao, there are several popular restaurants. Lunch at a local restaurant will cost R$ 12 - R$ 15.

One of the greatest pleasures of your stay on Ilha Grande will be to experience the easy going night life. There are restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. There are some excellent wood fired pizzarias which offer very affordable dinner choices.  Another good suggestion is the 'Bier Garten', a self-service vegetarian restaurant which charges per kilo. There are excellent seafood restaurants along the beachfront and others offering a classic cuisine. There are creperies offering sweet and savory crepes. On weekends there is a great 'BBQ on the beach' for R$ 30 - R$ 35. For a romantic dinner at 'Lua e Mar' on the beachfront, a seafood Moqueca' for two people will cost +/- R$ 200, including drinks.

So..... Bom Apetite!

Yes, there are 3 Dive Centres in Abraao. The Elite Dive Centre has been operating the longest. Here are the links to their sites. They appear to be only in Portuguese but you can use Google or Bing translator to get a better idea of the services offered. I have no idea of their rates so please contact these Centres directly.

Aratinga is a small, intimate Bed & Breakfast. We have accommodation for just 18 guests in 4 rooms and 5 chalets. As such, we do not accept groups, large families or very young children.

There are, however, several inns, hostels and camping gounds in the village of Abraao which cater to large groups and families. My very best wishes for a great stay on Ilha Grande!


Aratinga is in recess during the three months of May, June and September each year. During these periods my staff take their annual leave. I also use this time to look after the important renovations, undertake new building projects, and carry out regular painting and other maintenance. This way, Aratinga is always sparkling and fresh for our guests!

During the periods of recess we are still 'open for business' and I am always available to reply to your emails, answer your questions and confirm your reservation.

It's possible to see exactly which rooms are available on any day of the year,
make your choice and book all in a few minutes! You just need to go into our website:

Click on the link "Reservations Online"

  • Enter your preferred dates
  • Click 'Check availability' to see which rooms are available
  • Make your choice
  • Click 'Book'
  • Make your reservation.
There is also an option to book a one-way or return Airport Transfer in the Booking process.

Ilha Grande weather

Ilha Grande has pleasant weather throughout the year, with the temperature touching the high twenties. There are occasional storms at night, but these won't interfere with your travel plans.Since this is an oceanic island surrounded by the sea, Ilha Grande generally remains humid and warm, with a tropical climate throughout the year. Check out our six-day Ilha Grande weather forecast below for current and predicted weather conditions in Ilha Grande.

Air temperatures range between 15°C and 30°C, and water temperatures between 18°C and 24°C. About 200 days out of the 365 in a year are bright and sunny. The average temperature through the year is about 22.5°C. February is the warmest month, with an average of 25.7°C and July is the coldest month on the island, with an average temperature of 19.6°C.

The average annual rainfall is 2.242 mm. January has the most rain, with an average rainfall of 293 mm, while July is the driest month, with about 87 mm of rainfall. Since the island experiences a tropical climate, rainfall during the summer is quite common. It generally rains in the afternoon or night, with winds that go up to 10 knots. The average temperature during this season is somewhere between28° C and 36° C. The days are bright and sunny during the autumn, with winds blowing constantly from the south/southwest and southeast. The maximum temperature is 30°C, while the minimum is 20°C. Winters are dry and cool, with temperatures that fluctuate between 12°C and 25°C, and occasional strong winds that go up to 25/35 knots. Spring is warmer, with temperatures that go up to 22°C - 30°C. East winds that come from the southwest and southeast blow through the island through the spring, diminishing in frequency as the island marches towards summer.

The link below will show you the weather for the next 7 days.

There are no banks or ATM's on Ilha Grande.

Almost all shops, restaurants, supermarkets and tour agencies accept credit and debit cards.
The most commonly accepted are VISA, Mastercard and Amex. Some places also accept Diners Club International and elo but it's wise to bring enough cash for small daily purchases.

Conceicao de Jacarei: There are no banks in Jacarei, but there is an ATM.

Angra dos Reis: There are several banks across the road from the Santa Luzia jetty where you can withdraw cash before leaving for the Island. Warning: Don't use the 24 Hour Multibank ATM next to the Petrol Station. Cards used there have been cloned! As this ATM is multibank, no bank will accept responsibility for fraudulent transactions.